Can you work on Perma-Seal(Permanent Seal Headlights)?

Yes. Wise Detailz is very familiar with perma-seal or permanent seal headlights.

Perma-Seal headlights have a distinctive type of glue sealant that bonds its halves. This opening and removal process is particularly labor intensive due to the style of sealant.

We do not cut your perma-seal housings to open them unless absolutley necessary. Continuous heat cycles combined with seam pressure are used in order to open the light housings.

Do you offer a warranty?

 All Morimoto headlight build components carry individual manufacturer warranties directly through TRS (The Retrofit Source.)

 Our craftsmanship warranty is guaranteed for the life of your lights, as long as you own them. We will make any needed repairs, fixes, or adjustments should something fail with our specific services or labor.

Diagnostic or other vehicle system related issues, function-ability and component related malfunctions are NOT covered by our warranty.

Please note: Warranties are NOT transferable and are only applicable to the original owner or purchaser of the lights.

What are your payment options?

 Payment can be made with either a money order, an online PayPal payment (PP fee applies) or with cash in person. A deposit may be required before your work begins.

Completed pictures, along with a final payment invoice (if one is needed), will be sent to you once your project is  finished. We  do  not offer monthly payment plans.

Payments should be made out to Wise Detailz.

Can I purchase a complete turnkey package ?

Yes. Turnkey high performance Headlight Retrofit Packages are a great choice for minimal vehicle downtime and the  greatest light output available.

 All custom turnkey packages are built to order and built to  your specifications.

Do you offer refunds ?

Wise Detailz provides refunds on all un-opened/un-used/un-installed HID components and parts. Special terms do apply.

Our labor and any shipping services are non-refundable.

Please read our policy page for terms and conditions of refunds.

Signature Confirmation ?

Wise Detailz requires a signed work order/build sheet before any work can start on your project.

This ensures all information regarding your project build is accurate and agreed upon. This also safeguards you  acknowledge and agree to our terms, conditions and policies.

The form will be created once details are discussed and  finalized. Upon completion it will be emailed over via PDF format. You can then print, sign and scan or email this form back to us or include it with your headlights and/or components for the build.

How should I align my new headlight retrofits?

First, find a good level ground area to park your vehicle on  that has an adjacent broad-sided building. Park approximately 25-30 feet away & facing the wall. Next, measure the distance from the ground to your projector inside the headlight. With your headlights turned on, measure the lower portion of the DRIVER cutoff step. The goal is for the cutoff step to be approximately 2 inches lower than your projector measurement. Then simply align your PASSENGER projector to the same point as your left one. Road test and adjust slightly up or down as needed. The general adjustment range is 2-4 inches LOWER than what your projector measures.

What color bulbs do you use ?

OEM auto manufacturers use 4300k bulbs for their high luminosity output and reliability. Higher bulbs such as, 8000k and 10,000k, have a low output rating, yield obnoxious glare to other drivers and can lead to eye fatigue for the driver. 4300k is the brightest and  spot-on white HID bulb you can get.

The single other color bulbs that Wise Detailz may use in a retrofit are 5000k or 6000k and are reserved only for show cars.

How do I order?

You can either call, text, email or use our quick contact form to discuss how you want your headlights or taillights modified. Take a look at the gallery section or my IG @ Wisedetailz and let me know if you see any styles you like. I am all about building the lights exactly how you want them done. Any questions or concerns just ask. Happy to help point you in the right direction


What is a retro fit?

 A retrofit is the installation of High-Performance HID components into your factory headlights. This comprises of entirely disassembling your stock headlights and constructing new components into them. The use of high quality HID components permits us to attain the best quality light output available.

What are the benefits of an HID projector conversion?

With an HID Projector retrofit conversion your headlights are now armed with the best possible lighting components. 

Cost: Our retrofit services are all done by hand and with great care. Our packages will indeed cost more than the sub-par and generally unsafe generic “projector halo lights." Though, we are more reasonable than the cost of a factory/dealer installed HID system. Our headlight conversions also frequently outperform factory HID lighting.

Brighter Output: An HID light is a high intensity bulb. When installed in an optically correct HID projector you get brilliant, properly-controlled light output.
Width & Depth: An HID Projector Retrofit will grant you the ability to see farther and wider while driving at night.

Will I be updated on my project status?

Yes. We will keep you as up-to-date as possible with any details, changes, or info on your project. It is possible that within the build process changes may need to be made or need to be altered to produce a quality build.

Progress pictures can be sent when they are available. One final set of pictures will be emailed, along with your final payment invoice (if needed), upon project completion.

Emails are the best method for communication.

How do I pack and ship my items?

If you choose to pack your own items, please ensure that the following is done. Generally, it is best to use an appropriately-sized box to ship your parts. If too large a box is used, the items can bounce around or into each other. If too small a box is used, your items could get crushed. Additional unexpected damage can make for a slower turnaround time, as well as, an increased cost.

We advise wrapping each item in one to two layers of bubble wrap. Line the boxes with Styrofoam peanuts or extra bubble wrap. It is important to create a cushion between the item and the box wall. This will help prevent damage to your items if the boxes are stacked by the shipping company. The better your lights are packed, the better condition they will arrive to us in.

Make sure you place the appropriate amount of insurance on your items.

How long is my quote good for?

Largely quotes are honored for up to 14 days if not booked or confirmed within that time. After that time period, if your project is not confirmed, booked or a deposit hasn’t been made – please contact us to ensure no updates have taken place within our pricing structure.
Pricing can change or vary without notice.

Can I do my own prep work?

No. It is required that all prep work is performed by Wise Detailz. This includes headlight disassembly, shroud prep or cutting. Otherwise, our work could not be guaranteed. 

Can you remove my headlights if I drop off my vehicle?

Of course!

Will my headlights still be adjustable ?

Yes. All services, including full retrofits, allow the use of your OEM headlight adjustment knobs and/or factory self-leveling systems. This offers ease of adjustment during installation and testing of your new headlights.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes. Wise Detailz uses a waiting list to confirm our customer’s projects are built within a set time frame.

Our common wait time is one to two weeks, but may be longer during holidays.

*Shipping times should be factored into your project time schedule.*

What is a clear lens upgrade ?

A clear lens upgrade is upgrading your factory HID ringed or fresnel projector lenses with clear ones. This delivers a larger range of preferred results like more severe cutoff lines, extreme light output and improved color flicker.  

How should I handle the finished product ?

The anticipation of your custom project may be too much, but please be patient.

Use extreme caution during installation.Take your time. Taping along any edges or nearby areas will aid in avoiding scratches on your vehicles paint and/or headlights.

Once your items are installed and looking awesome, send some pictures! We would really enjoy seeing the final outcome and sharing it via social media.

Where can I find out some more info?

Please contact us if you have any more specific questions or would like to learn more about our services.