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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

New to the idea of upgraded automotive lighting? Never fear! The questions and answers in this FAQ section contain the questions which we...receive most frequently. Please take a look. Additionally, be sure sure check out our "Compatibility FAQ" if you already have an existing HID system.

Shipping & Returns

In this FAQ we address questions such as which shipping carrier(s) we prefer and how to properly pack your headlamps to avoid damage in transit.

Compatibility FAQ

Please read this FAQ if you are not certain whether or not the hardware and components (such as HID ballasts, bulbs or wiring harnesses) that you currently own are compatible with Wise Detailz products and services.

Installation & Alignment

Not sure how to align your headlamps? It's important; read this FAQ as soon as you can! Not sure how to install a Wise Detailz component? Find that information in this FAQ too.

Services Overview

This section describes, in detail, each service that we offer for your vehicle. To request a service along with your products, please do not checkout through the site. A payment request through Google Checkout or PayPal will be emailed to you.

How To Order / Use Our Website

Please read this FAQ if you are experiencing issues with using or ordering through our online catalog.

Terms & Conditions

Wise Detailz LLC Terms & Conditions listed on the above link.