General FAQ

General FAQ

New to the idea of upgraded automotive lighting? Never fear! The questions and answers in this FAQ section contain the questions which we...receive most frequently. Please take a look. Additionally, be sure sure check out our "Compatibility FAQ" if you already have an existing HID system.



Why should I choose Wise Detailz for all of my headlight needs, eg projector retrofitting and all xenon components such as bulbs, ballasts, shrouds and wiring harnesses?

Proper HID retrofitting essentially allows us to convert your current headlights with the best lighting technology. All of the components we offer are of the highest quality and performance. Road illumination is significantly enhanced with our conversions, which means you can be more at ease while driving at night. This not only makes you more confident and comfortable as a driver; it also increases your overall safety. We have affordable options for any lighting enthusiast. Our projector conversions are hand built by our team on a per-order basis, quality and detail you can count on! There are no compromises with our conversions; you get the best performance and looks all in one! Contact us today! 

How Do Your Services Work?

Any services viewed on our website will require you to either send your current lights in or purchase a separate set of lights to be modified. For amber removal or painting we ask each customer to ship their headlamps as soon as they are ready as long as we have their information in our system. This means you need to send us an email with your service request and shipping/contact information so we can put your information into the system and have everything ready once the lamps arrive. The customer is asked to ship their headlamps without removing the bulbs, ballast, or any wiring harnesses. The turn around time for amber removal/painting is usually a same day turn around service. Depending on how backed up we are, it could take up to 3 days. Projector retrofits are another unique service Wise Detailz provides. This service requires a deposit and a short waiting period since we have to allocate all parts needed for the retrofit. It could take up to between 1-4 weeks before you are asked to send the lamps in. We will contact the customer when their turn comes up on the waiting list in order to begin the project on schedule. The customer is sent an invoice after a deposit has been paid, requiring the cost of the parts used in the conversion up front. The rest of the balance is required upon completion of the service. No orders will be shipped without full payment, so if you wish to pay in full when you order, please let us know so. All lamps ship via UPS Ground unless otherwise requested; tracking information is provided once a label is printed. 

Why do the headlights on all the luxury cars look so colorful?

The lens curvature at the edge bends the white light producing a "prism effect". White light is broken down to its fundamental colors. Blue light is high energy, and thus is absorbed last, traveling the furthest. With this prism effect, you'll notice that the projectors you see on BMW for example are only purple and blue from the sides, the top, and the bottom, but are always daylight white on the road and in the beam pattern. This phenomenon can be demonstrated when you watch an oncoming BMW hit a pothole or speed bump in the road and the car's nose pitches up and down. The headlights will flicker and "throw colors off", but returns to a solid-white beam pattern directly on the road. Trying to obtain all the color from just a bulb is not only incorrect, but also dangerous because the more color there is to the HID bulb itself, the less light output there will be. 

What is "color modding" and why would I want it?

Retrofitting essentially allows us to convert your current headlights with better lighting technology. This allows the customer to obtain the absolute best performance on the market; all the projectors we offer come highly recommended. Road illumination is significantly enhanced, which means you can be at ease while driving in the dark. This not only makes you a more confident and comfortable as a driver, it increases your overall safety. Many options are available; we have affordable solutions for everyone. These conversions are hand built by our team on a per-order basis, so you can rest assured the final results have much higher quality than any aftermarket manufacturer can offer. With our conversions there are no compromises, you get the best performance and looks all in one! 

What bulb temperature (color) should I purchase? What does Wise Detailz recommend I use?

In an effort to retain optimum light output, we recommend using 4300k bulbs. The Philips OEM D2S bulb is rated at 4300K at 12.8 volts and produces 3200 lumens of light. The Philips Ultinon D2S is 6000K at 12.8 volts and produces 2400 lumens of light. As you can see, with all other factors remaining constant, the brightness of an HID bulb declines the higher up the color index you go. 

Many aftermarket "HID Bulb" companies sell the popular 8000K bulbs, which they advertise as 2000 lumens bright. This is barely a marked improvement over halogens, and will produce more glare and eye fatigue than it is beneficial. The 4300K bulb temperature have been proven through tireless independent research by the Germans and Japanese to be the most functional, truest white and thus the brightest possible color temperature.

Every car manufacturer in the world (including BMW and Audi) uses none other than a standard 4300K gas-discharge bulb. The reason being is that 4300K is daylight white in color and produces the same color visible light as direct sunlight. This is least fatiguing functional color on the eyes and produces the most comfortable contrast on the road. 

Will I still be able to retain the use of the factory adjustments on the back of the headlight, including the electronic leveling motor?

Yes! All factory adjustment points are fully retained after the projector conversion. Your electronic leveling motors (if equipped) will also be functional. 

Do you offer discounts or Group Buys?

Group buys are available on certain models and all our products. Please inquire with any questions. 

Will I be able to use my existing HID system for the projector conversion?

If you purchased an HID Conversion kit for your halogen housing headlamps, the answer is yes; you can use the ballasts and wiring, but you may need a new set of bulbs depending on the application. Currently our projectors feature D2S and H1 bulb bases. 

The HID kit you bought for your halogen headlamps are called rebased HID kits. Its merely a conversion, and not the proper way of obtaining all the benefits from a true HID projector setup. Converting the aftermarket kit lets you use a D2S or H1 bulb with our projector options. 

Which projector & shroud combination is best for my car?

There is no correct answer for this question, which we get all day long. We may make suggestions for a particular application, but in the end it all comes down to your needs and budget. Technically any option will be entertained, but at the end of the conversation it will come down to what is reasonable given our abilities. We aim to keep costs low, while providing the best products and services.