How To Order / Use Our Website

How To Order

Please read this FAQ if you are experiencing issues with using or ordering through our online catalog.


Creating Your Account

The first step to utilizing our online catalog / store is create your account. You may create your account by clicking the ACCOUNT link at the top right corner of our website. Please follow the instructions for creating your account. 

Where do I find the status of my order?

Begin by clicking the ACCOUNT link located on the top right corner of our website. Then click to view the orders that you have made. Your order status will be shown, respectively, for the order that you are inquiring about. Alternatively, you may use our Contact Us form or shoot us an email at


I made a mistake and ordered the wrong product(s)! What can I do?

Relax! If you have made a mistake, please notify us immediately via our Contact Us form or byemail at