133 Key NeoPrism Controller

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133 Key Neoprism Controller

The NeoPrism 133 Key Controller features 133 preset light options; including both static and color changing settings. It can be used in automotive, residential, as well as retail display applications. Since the remote can easily be linked to more than one controller at a time, your light set up will be truly one of a kind!

The 133 key controller is easy to install and works with all NeoPrism products. Cheap knock offs glitch and fail to respond, but our remote is guaranteed to work without error. We test our products so we can stand by our high quality guarantee.

Package Includes:
1 x RF Remote (battery not included)
1 x NeoPrism Controller


Easy to install and use!
Working temperature: -20- 60 Deg C
Supply voltage: DC5V
Current: <60mA Maximum control points: 1024 (Low-speed) points, 2048 (High-speed) point