3 Pin Japanese Electronic LED Flasher Blinker Turn Signal Fix

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This is a replacement turn signal flasher module. It will eliminate fast turn signal blinking, known as hyperblinking, that occurs when you replace your turn signal bulbs with LEDs. It has been designed specifically for use with LEDs.

This module is specifically for your vehicle! It will be 100% plug and play. Just remove the factory flasher, and plug this one in.

Hyperblinking: Why do you need this module? When your factory turn signal bulbs go out, your vehicle's flasher senses that less power is being used, and it will blink the turn signals quickly to alert you. When LED turn signal bulbs are installed, it lowers the load on the circuit too, because LEDs use less power. You get the fast blinking, known as "hyperblinking," even though the LEDs are functioning just fine. Basically, your car thinks the bulbs went out!

To slow down the blinking to regular speed, you can add resistors to increase the circuit's power consumption again. However, whenever possible, replacing the flasher with a module like this is the easiest option. This is the unit that actually controls the blinking speed, and makes the "clicking" noise.

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1x  EP34 (CF13) LED Flasher Relay
Warranty: 3 year
Impreza 1993-2007
Civic 1999-2005
Civic Sedan/Hatchback 1996-2005
Accord Coupe 1998-2002
Accord Sedan 1994-2002
Pilot 2003-2008
S2000 2000-20009
Part #: CF13
Series: No
In Package: 1 Each
Operating Voltage (Volts): 14.5v
CANBUS Proof (Y/N): No
Current Control: No
DUAL Polarity (Y/N): No