921/T15: Morimoto XB LED Bulbs

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Back that thing up! Morimoto's new XB 921 LED Bulbs are designed just for reverse lights! Utilizing a big boy CREE XB-D LED emitted through a proprietary Kuria Optic clear glass lens, you'll be able to actually see objects as you back up!

Aluminum Case The extruded aluminum heatsink is a smooth 6-Spoke design and finished in a gorgeous graphite color to compliment other Morimoto LED bulbs. This bulb feels rock solid in your hands--no chintzy stuff here!

Beefy Base The white ceramic base handles heat much better than cheap plastic bases. Features printed "XB LED" graphics as the final Morimoto "seal of approval"

CREE A single XB-D 5500K emitter blasts a very color-neutral white light through the mini projector lens. The output is end-firing like most 921 sockets require, meaning the light coming out of the bulb is aimed directly backward where you want it most!

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2x T15/921: Morimoto XB LED
Warranty: 2 Years


Cross Sizes: 921 / 904 / 904NA / 906 / 906NA / 912 / 916 / 916NA / 917


Kelvin Rating 5500K
Lumen Rating: 350lm each
Light Source: CREE XB-D
Power Draw: 185mA