AMP > D2S Ballast Adapters (Straight)

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Reuse Your Ballasts: These will save you some money and allow the use of D2S bulbs with your aftermarket HID ballasts. With their straight-forward connection, they wont get in the way of the back of the headlight like the normal 90 degree model does in some cases. Works with 99% of aftermarket HID kit ballasts that have "AMP" outputs. Please confirm compatibility by checking the product pictures if unsure.

NOTE: Sometimes old/used ballasts have trouble striking new HID bulbs, as these parts to tend to "break-in" together.

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Bulbs: (HID) D2S/D2R
Ballasts: All with "AMP" outputs
Wattage: 35w or 50w
2x Adapters: Straight AMP to D2S Adapters
Warranty: 2 years
Input: AMP
Output: D2S