Bi-Xenon: SUPER H1 7.1

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What is it? No, this is not the successor to the Morimoto H1 7.0 projector, and it is not a Morimoto product. However, this is a high performance compact projector! It's the best of all the H1 Bixenon projectors, expect the Morimoto H1 7.0 which costs nearly 3 times the price. We're offering these 7.1's to our customers who seek budget friendly options; something that won't break the bank. By working directly with the factory, we can supply you with the best price!

Easy-Install: Threaded shaft on the H1 7.1 makes it super easy to install without cutting up the whole housing. These bolt right on many models with their provided hardware. These have a male molex connector on the end for the bixenon, so unless you don't mind soldering, pick up the molex -> 9006 connectors from us!

Confidence: Order with confidence when purchasing through our website. The products offered have been thoroughly tested to make sure they meet our strict quality standards to ensure the best reliability and performance. We always provide honest feedback on products and helpful tips for any project due to our extensive experience with all makes and models. We offer competitive pricing, fast shipping, and the latest and greatest products from the top manufacturers. Contact us today with any questions; you won’t regret it!

What's Included:
2x Projectors: Mini H1 7.1 Bi-Xenon w/ Mini Gatling Gun Chrome Shrouds
2x Hardware Packs: Lock Rings, Bulb clips, etc.
Warranty: 1 Year
Compatible With: 35W, 50W AT YOUR OWN RISK