Halo Installation Kit

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INSTALL PACK: When you're installing halos, ensure you have everything needed to do it right! This handy kit combines all of the universal pieces we've seen customers buy and what we use ourselves!

INVISIBLE INSTALL WIRE: When properly installed, the 0.4mm beading wire virtually disappears into your headlight - making it next to impossible to see. Compared to using messy glue which can drip or turn yellow over time - this is the way to go.

BUTTERY SMOOTH BUTYL: Included in the kit is a roll of Morimoto RetroRubber butyl headlight sealant. Utilizing Koito brick sealant extruded into a much more manageable roll form, RetroRubber is the best thing to happen to projector retrofitting since projectors came out! Cheaper sealants don't have any real adhesive properties, so on hot days they can lose their seal. Not RetroRubber.

GLANDULAR: Two 11mm glands will work great for passing wire through your headlight housings and keeping the seal waterproof.

FUSED HARNESS: Even if you're building a relayed setup, don't do it without protection! The fused relay harness includes power and ground ring terminals and a fresh molded rubber fuse holder.