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More and more: modern vehicles are coming from the factory with headlight circuits utilize pulsed voltage to run things like Daytime Running Lights or as a means to deter owners from modifying their lights. Unless you've got the right parts, prepare for buzzing relays and flickering lights!

Flicker-Proof: Your HID system on vehicles with pulsing headlight circuits. Without a capacitor link: The ballasts will flicker/flash even if you install a relay harness since the pulse will translate into the relays - causing them to open and shut rapidly (often sounds like a buzzing noise)

Easy Fix: Simple plug-n-play installation between the factory output and the harness input with just one ground to connect. The Capacitor Link will intercept the pulsed voltage, store it, and then release it smoothly into the harness. It basically translates irregular "on/off" signals to constant "on" signals.

Ingredients: The Morimoto Capacitor Link utilizes a 10,000μF electrolytic capacitor, 14 gauge wiring, and OEM-quality 9006 Male/Female Input/outputs for universal compatibility with basically all single-xenon or low beam relay harnesses.

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Harness: Anti-Flicker Capacitor Link
Warranty: Two Years