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Weakest Link: A great sports car is nothing without a set of sticky tires..Just like a great projector is nothing without precise bulb alignment. Though the Morimoto Mini H1 projector has undoubtedly gotten better and better with every generation...even the latest 7.0 version still comes standard with the same old damn bulb holder. Sure, they work, but that doesn't mean they work well, at least well-enough for all of us Headlight Junkies!

Story Time: It wasn't until TRSMatt retrofitted a set of Morimoto Mini H1 7.0's in his own car and realized that the struggle is indeed real. Alas, the man himself can't have a whack beam was time to step up and finally do something about it. So he picked up the phone, called the engineer, revved up the CNC mill, and here we have it! Problem solved.

Better, Not Bigger: Designed by Morimoto in California, the MotoHo1der is way more effective but virtually no bigger overall than the old clip setup. The clever three-piece design provides even pressure on the back of the bulb, ensuring perfect alignment. To be honest, we think it's the single best upgrade to the projector that's ever been conceived.

Universal: The MotoHo1ders work with all H1 HID bulbs, and all "H1" based HID projectors including Morimoto and generic Mini H1's and even smaller projectors like the Matchbox.

Plastic Makes It Possible: Yeah, that's right - they're made of injection molded plastic! UsingBASF Ultramid A3WG6 plastic which is reinforced with glass fiber for excellent dimensional stability, stiffness, and temperature resistance up to 280C (530F) - they should withstand the test of time no matter if you're a 35W or 50W user.

Price Is Right: If you've already got a set of headlights retrofitted with Mini H1 projectors, there is no better place to put your $20 than investing in the MotoHo1ders. Poor cutoff? Out of focus hotspot? Weak distribution? Drives you nuts every time you pull into the garage? Yeah, we know the feeling, and as long as your bulbs are good, these will resolve the rest!

Confidence: Order with confidence when purchasing through our website. The products offered have been thoroughly tested to make sure they meet our strict quality standards to ensure the best reliability and performance.  We always provide honest feedback on products and helpful tips for any project due to our extensive experience with all makes and models. We offer competitive pricing, fast shipping, and the latest and greatest products from the top manufacturers. Contact us today with any questions; you won’t regret it!



HOLDERS: 2x Morimoto MotoHo1ders
NOT INCLUDED (Reuse existing)
2x Morimoto MotoHo1ders
5 Years


MORIMOTO PROJECTORS: Mini H1 1.0-7.0 Matchbox 1.0-2.0
Standard and Super H1
"Mini H1" Style (all versions)
All H1 HID


COLOR: Black