NeoPrism RGBW Standard Controller

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NeoPrism RGBW Standard Controller

Impress the crowds with NeoPrism RGBW Standard remote controlled light shows. This set up offers 300 presets and functions for automotive, home, or store display applications. The remote has a long distance signal and is very user friendly because of its compact remote design. Control up to 2048 pixels and adjusts brightness with the easy to install controller. User settings are automatically saved when the remote is off for convenient use. This controller protects the lamps and controller because of its reverse power supply connection. We test our products so we can stand by our high quality guarantee.

This controller only works with NeoPrism RGBW Halos


300 Functions and Presets
Remote range: 15 Meters
Control up to 2048 Pixels
Adjust Brightness
Prevents Reverse Connection of Power Supply

Package Includes:

1 x SP103E Remote (battery not included)
1 x Remote Controller