Solid-State Relay Harness

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Like a relay, but better. The Solid-State Relay Harness from Diode Dynamics allows multicolor controllers or other devices to draw power directly from the battery, while still using your factory signals for activation. It works like a traditional relay harness, but better!

No errors. An increasing number of vehicles have computer-controlled factory signals. They flicker or shut off when too much power is used, making it impossible to use factory signals to power aftermarket lighting. You may have wired in traditional relay harnesses in the past to solve this, but those can have trouble if the signal flickers, and have to be custom-wired for each installation.

Designed for function. At Diode Dynamics, we are committed to delivering fully-designed lighting solutions that work correctly on the vehicle, not just on the bench. To accomplish this, we designed the Solid-State Relay module with two independent low-impedance signal pickups, compatible with factory signals or microcontrollers, PWM filtering (50% duty cycle minimum), robust solid-state switches, and a fused battery harness. With its solid-state design, it will be more reliable over time than traditional relays, at a similar cost.

Use it (almost) anywhere. The Solid-State Relay Harness can be used anywhere you'd use a standard relay harness, except for HID components, due to ignition voltage spikes. For multicolor controllers, LED light bars, worklights, or any other LED, you can use it to run from your factory signals, and deliver up to 8 amps or 96 watts directly from your battery. Unlike a standard relay harness, this module has two independent input signals, to activate power any time either signal is turned on (for example, DRL or parking light).

Included when neededThis harness is included in Diode Dynamics multicolor LED products, when there are known issues with the factory signals. Currently, this includes 2015-2018 Dodge Challenger Multicolor LED Board Kits.

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Max load: 8A at 12V DC, 96 watts

Input voltage (power): 12-16V

Input voltage (signal): 5-16V, PIC microcontroller compatible

Signal input waveform: Minimum 50% duty cycle, 100 hz to generate flicker-free "on" signal

Operating Voltage: 5-16V
Polarity: Polarity Specific
Connector(s): Deutsch DT Input, T-Tap Inputs
Intrusion Ratings: IP68 Waterproof
Weight (lb): 0.3750